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This could all be pre-recorded and I could be talking to you from the bottom of the ocean. Going in I wasn't expecting it to be an Oscar winner, if you were expecting this movie to be about a Mexican cartel and not have violence in it then you know zero about Mexican cartels and that is an understatement.

If you are looking for gone with the wind, sound of the music or something like that best look else where.Villains make films though and despite the awkwardness and UN-likability of some of the lead roles the bad guys were sinister, relentless and kind of funny at times.One interaction between Elena's ruthless right hand man Lado (Del Toro) and out for himself FBI agent Dennis (Travolta) in particular was tense and humorous at the same time.She is really annoying as a character and it's kind of hard to feel bad for her much less root for her.This is one of the things you have to let go of to enjoy the film.

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The headrests in Chon and Ben's Jeep disappear are reappear several times depending on the scene.

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