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'They did the procedure and it felt really weird, but when they were here I was extremely happy.'The first time I held them I was nervous because I had just had my c-section and they were so fragile to me.'Despite going against doctors orders, Ms Torres is relieved she continued with the pregnancy.She said: 'I'm so happy I didn't terminate Callie and Carter, they are amazing.'I knew termination would not happen and I'm glad that little speck of thought I did have, I pushed away.'My husband and I are very excited.'Ms Torres discovered she was pregnant with conjoined twins at her three-week scan.

Your community is a very spiritual one, as is Holly Bobo’s family.Doctors are often only willing to perform the operation if the twins' quality of life is so poor that it is worth taking the risk.Parents may also opt for the twins to remain conjoined rather than risk their death.As a small child learning to read, I would bound into their house and recite it from the framed needlepoint on the wall as if it was a ticket for admission to cross the foyer.To The Family complicating these efforts: I offer this to you as well, in good faith. Prayers and Strength to Holly and the good folks trying to bring her home.

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