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Dating garcia mitchell reels

With regular employment I was able to upgrade all of my tackle, and this eventually included the reel.Much to the disgust of the shop owner I bought a new Mitchell 300 - he considered them a throwback to the 1950’s and felt that it was an inappropriate partner to a lightweight carbon match rod.I wasn’t going to be talked out of it now that I was finally in a position to buy one of my very own.I was to discover that not only did it look good but it felt good too.These men were obviously successful and, as I wanted success, there had to be a common factor if I could only find it.

The photographs that depicted a close-up were particularly prized; with a magnifying glass I was able to read the name ‘Mitchell’ in a thin, spaghetti-like script, followed by the number 300.

The classified sections of the Angling Times brought me down to earth. However, by great good fortune I was able, after a particularly lucrative Christmas, to buy a Mitchell 206.

This was a smaller, cheaper reel altogether, though still bearing some of the Mitchell family traits.

I began to notice how many other anglers used them; they were the badge of office, users of Mitchells being the ones I would to go to for advice.

I loved the way it became an extension of myself, without complication.

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I like the marriage of form and function, its much cooler than all the space-age tartiness (which dates very quickly) of a lot of newer reels and other gismos. As I'm not allowed to post links, here's the text of a piece I wrote for a friend's website some years ago: I’d like to nominate the Mitchell 300 to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.