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Nora uses what I call a signaled point of view shift, which if carried out carefully, and not too often can help increase the tension and conflict within a manuscript.During this free class we’ll cover the various types of point of view shifts – where and how to do them.And you’ll get the expert advice of Alicia on how to edit in the energy into your prose.Here’s your chance to figure out what is dead and drowsy in your voice, and how to wake it up!They may wonder if naming emotions indicates telling…and what about those pesky phrases like he knew…or he felt…or he heard? If you recognize yourself in the above description and you are ready to end the struggle and truly understand the difference between showing and telling once and for all, and you’re ready for some tips on how to actually put the advice to show rather than tell into practice, then this workshop is for you.In this workshop former Black Velvet Seductions Editor in Chief Laurie Sanders will cover the difference between showing and telling in a new, crystal clear way that will leave you in no doubt of the difference between the two.This course is designed to help bring your novels to life. Long time critique partner, witness to the not so normal lifestyle of Realities of the Paranormal, she continues to work on more than one project at a time, no matter what stands in her neighbor’s side yard and waves.

They’ll come back for the dramatic experience your words and sentences and paragraphs create.

Activate Your Voice: Avoid the Passive Prose These days, with so much competition, you might need more than a clever plot to attract readers.

Active, energetic prose will bring your scenes and characters to life.

Some other accomplishments: Finding ways to write your story from beginning to end isn’t easy for new writers as well as seasoned authors.

In this creative workshop, we will use different writing prompts, music, pictures, and methods to motivate and add inspiration to your writing. Pellegrino, breeder of German Shepherds and networker of fun, writes mystery and suspense.

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This is particularly true when it comes to showing vs.

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