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Salary range: $ 76-111K Suggested Degrees: Computer Science, System Architecture, A Solutions Architect role is similar to other architect roles and can go beyond the scope of IT.experience with hardware and software systems is common requirement, as is an understanding of business operations.While “Software Developer” is only #4 in’s 8 hottest jobs of 2014 list in terms of growth rate (demand), it probably goes without saying that there are many well-paying career opportunities in Computer Science and IT (Information Technology) in general.If you’re considering pursuing a computer science career, or just curious, here is a list of 50 of the top-paying jobs in the field.

Not all of the following roles are purely technical, although all are considered to be in the IT field in general or relevant to IT.The role has optional certifications which bring increased opportunities and compensation.Salary range: $ 75-109K Suggested Degrees: Business Administration, Finance, Accounting Aka CRM Analyst.While a bachelor’s degree is standard, a master’s degree is sometimes required.Typical responsibilities / skills: analyze customer e-commerce data for behavioral or other trends; setup or configure reporting or dashboards for easy internal access to such data; create customer profiles for demographic targeting; utilize Web analytics.

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Salary range: $ 79-112K Suggested Degrees: Computer Science, Information Technology, Database Management Aka E-Commerce Business Analyst.