How to stop apps from auto updating android

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How to stop apps from auto updating android

But then, the facebook app keeps auto-updating again and again, and i think i have to stop it.So, i try to find the setting to prevent the facebook app from updating by it self. So if you also want to stop the facebook app from auto-updating, you need to follow this steps! Open your facebook app on your Android phone (and i think it will also work for i Phone.

Thanks to technology, we have apps for almost everything; be it call recording, booking a taxi, tracking your fitness or reading novels. Sometimes you tend to download an app just to check a feature and forget to uninstall it.

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At the first time, i think there’s some error on my phone, because i already set to not allowing the auto-update apps on the Google Play Store.

However, when you have games that require 200 MB updates, it can become a fairly big headache near the end of your bandwidth cycle.

So what are you to do besides uninstalling the troublesome apps?

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Worst come worst, you could miss a vital update for your anti-virus software – though apps like Kaspersky usually update separately from the Google Play Store – and render yourself open to virus infection.

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