Jim florentine robin quivers dating

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Jim florentine robin quivers dating

Ant starts the show with the pros/cons regarding his new i Phone and recaps Colin Quinn’s appearance as well as his show at Governor's.Unfortunately, there’s a blackout at the house so he joins us via Rat’s phone from his dining room in the dark.Ron Bennington comes in and stops the show to play a little guessing game with Dave with a mystery guest, CHRIS STANLEY! TACS starts from the poker table where (long haired) Anthony talks with Jim Florentine about being on Louie, getting submitted for an Emmy, “upper deckers,” being cool back in the day, music now and then, things they’ve done for gals, the early days of MTV, and Jim tells us about the worst decision he’s EVER made.

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Mike Brown and Brandon Collins sit with Anthony at the poker table and while they wait for the Starr sisters, they discuss strip clubs, Ant’s Jewey neighborhood, Bill Cosby, fuckable midget chicks, Al Sharpton, and how social media can effect your life in different ways.

The Starr sisters join the party to chat about their “pussy juice lube,” their upcoming appearance at Headquarters Gentlemen’s Club, sharing guys, and their favorite positions.

The terrific trio also talk about Jeter’s sexy time, awful music during baseball games, homoerotic 80’s music, the movie “The Walk,” G.

Gordon Liddy, haters, radio pranks, past tomfoolery, Earl Douglas and his habits, famous dad’s, Alzheimer's, Al Dukes, and shaved heads.

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We hear about yet another apology in the news, a teen that killed his mom, cops gone wild, and discuss race relations between cops and civilians.

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