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Such guides can be found in the BSA Social Media Playbook.Additionally, social media changes regularly, so this document reflects the current guidelines as determined by the BSA and is subject to modifications and amendments from time to time as required.] It’s an exciting time to be part of the BSA for many reasons.As such, it would be impossible to provide information on all of them.We will focus on three of the most popular and most applicable to Scouting.First, everyone should review and strictly adhere to the terms of service and existing guidelines outlined by each individual social media channel (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, etc.).

Any Scout units that plan to use social media should share the following Internet safety guidelines with Scouts, parents, and leaders, and all Scouts should abide by the following Internet safety guidelines and personal protection rules: There are many social media channels available to users, and new channels are being introduced frequently.Indeed, the BSA National Council as well as many local councils and even some units are already using Facebook to communicate about Scouting.Of course, creating and maintaining a Facebook page for your council or unit is a big responsibility and should not be entered into lightly.To help ensure that all communication on social media channels remains positive and safe, these channels must be public, and all communication on or through them must be public.This enables administrators to monitor all communication and help ensure there is no inappropriate communication between adult leaders and Scouts or between Scouts themselves.

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Therefore, no private channels (e.g., private Facebook groups or invite-only You Tube channels) are acceptable in helping to administer the Scouting program.

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