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Yes, it costs points to open, but there is a message waiting for you.

You can continue to message thru the site or once SHE is comfortable you can exchange numbers and continue the convo there.

Guys, if you want to get laid, there really aren't any shortcuts.

You may get lucky at the bar or club once in a blue moon, but normally you either have to be attractive to women (looks and/or personality), or you have to pay them.

My evidence for this is the number of extremely attractive girls who presumably go to the supposed trouble of posting very public pictures of themselves on a 'sugar daddyish' site (often in bikinis), made an offer to me (causing me to buy credits on the site to be able to interact with them), and then, do not respond at all, or respond minimally (think: "hi"), when I initiate conversation.

This makes little sense, given the girl is presumably trying to earn money for a date.

Also, don't low ball...-0 range is good.

She should try to get to know you so she is aware that you're serious about meeting her and vice versa.

Be sure to put her at ease that you're gentleman and not some creepy stalker. After joining almost every sugar daddy dating site out there IMO there are only two or three brands you can trust: Pay Me, Established Men ..yes: Whats Your Price!

As for the male reviewers saying it's too expensive or they feel like they're being scammed because they have to pay the baby cash and pay for dates, ignore these reviewers ladies - they are not sugar daddies, they're what we call splenda's. Anyway getting back to my review I find that the site is ok.

Although the PPM rate seems to be on the lower side on here. Watch and wait for a while, even if you get favorites and winks, or even offers.

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they never reply back, which is what usually happens.

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