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Video uroki photoshop cs4 online dating

Welcome to this extensive tutorial all about creating the Avatar Na’vi effect!If you’re here looking for the mask to use on the girl’s face, you can download it right here!Create generous selections around both eyes using the Lasso tool (L).Go Select Transform and hold down your Shift Alt/Opt key and scale each eye larger.

TIP: To burn instead of dodge, simply hold the Alt/Opt key while painting with this tool to quickly switch to the Burn tool.

Dan berhasil saya temukan, saya mendownloadnya sampai rampung, saya anjurkan sebaiknya download pake IDM, biar kalau internetnya lemot dan ga selesai satu hari bisa di lanjut lagi downloadnya kapan-kapan.

Yang di perlukan : Kasus 03 : Dan kalau sampai muncul tulisan "Error Code 148:3" download software license recovery di sini dan jalankan (ikuti instruksinya) Selamat menikmati Adobe Photoshop Gratis Selamat mencoba, semoga berhasil.

I am using an image I shot in one of the first lighting classes I ever taught. Create a new layer and go Edit Hide All to create a solid black mask and hide all of that detail we can see in my first screenshot below.

Grab your Brush tool (B) and set the brush opacity to 10% and start painting with white as your foreground color. TIP: Be slow and careful here for the best results! I am dropping a Curves Adjustment layer into place and darkening the area all around her face.

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